Frequently Asked Questions


What is Orthodontics?
What Causes Orthodontic Problems?
Why is treatment so important?
When should a child have an orthodontic evaluation?
What signs indicate my child is ready for an orthodontic evaluation?
What are the first steps to orthodontic treatment?
How are teeth moved into correct position?


What is a crossbite and why correct it early?
Why are my child's permanent teeth coming in behind the baby teeth?
Does my child really need x-rays and why?
Why are my child's permanent teeth so dark compared to the baby teeth?
Why does my child need a fluoride treatment twice a year at the dentist if they take fluoride at home?
Why do I have to floss my child's or my teeth?
Why does my child have bad breath?
What do large tonsils have to do with facial growth and teeth?
Why do baby teeth need to be filled?
If a back tooth is extracted, why do I need a space maintainer?
Why a stainless steel crown on a baby tooth instead of a porcelain crown?
Is a pulpotomy the same as a root canal treatment?
What is Nitrous oxide? Is it safe? Can't we try the appointment without it first?
What's wrong with taking a bottle to bed or having juice(or other sugary drinks) in a sippy cup at my child's reach all the time?
What is wrong with fruit roll-ups? Isn't there fruit in them?

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