Haas Comfort Dogs

Learn about our Comfort Dogs!

Here at Haas Dental Associates, we offer the ability to meet with one of our comfort dogs before, during, or after your visit! Our dogs are trained to help calm patients who may be experiencing some forms of stress or anxiety before their visits. The comfort dogs can sit near the patient, some can sit on their lap, or just be in the room to provide relief. Our dogs rotate throughout the week, so feel free to ask a staff member during your appointment to have a dog come to visit. We have photos on the pediatric floor waiting room desk marking which dog is available each day.

Ellie and Willow

Ellie and Willow are two sisters who are giant bundles of joy. Ellie and Willow are mixed between King Charles Cavaliers, Poodles, and Bichon Frises, so they are super smart, soft, and love to cuddle. As of writing this blog, they are both still younger than a year old! Willow is unique because she is deaf, so she cannot hear you! We train her using hand signals and she's been able to adapt very well! Ellie, on the other hand, can hear fine, but we still use hand signals as well as our voices for commands, and she does a great job! Both dogs are being trained to hop up onto patients' laps and sit or lay down so they can be with patients during their appointment if they want the extra comfort!


Holly is a puppy who is a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle! She is the youngest dog we have here, so she still has all the puppy energy. Since Holly is younger, she is just starting her training, so she is still working on getting all her commands right, but she is doing well! Holly usually spends her time at the Dover office, but will make an occasional appearance at the Derry office too! Keep an eye out for her, she'll certainly say hi to anybody who wants it!


Edith is an English Cream Golden Retriever who usually hangs out by the Pediatric floor waiting area on Fridays! She is a few years old and a bundle of love. Edith loves whenever people come and visit her, you can tell by her full body wiggles! Edith also loves to nap, so chances are if you see her, she may be sleeping as well! Edith also loves to go to events and she even has a special cape she will wear! Keep an eye out!