“Dr. Haas is wonderful, caring, kind and patient. My son had a BAD first time at a DIFFERENT OFFICE. I looked and listened to friends and thankfully found Dr. Haas. If your child is scared of the dentist this is the place you NEED to go to. On a scale of 1-10 I rate it 100. Thank you all so much for the great work you all do.”

Nashua, NH

“Your practice is amazing! My son had a great experience and is asking when he gets to go back to the dentist! The entire staff is so friendly and helpful, it was a very positive experience. Dr. Jim worked his magic and was able to treat my son with only nitrous, without the need for sedation that we were referred to the office for. I wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you!!!”

Weare, NH

“The way you deal with the children and their fears is wonderful. I knew 5 or 6 years ago when I started coming here I had made the right decision. Kailey will eventually love coming there the older she gets. Thank you for reassuring her and me. ”

Sandown, NH

“My six year old had never been to a dentist before and recently started complaining of a toothache. I got an appointment the same day I called which really impressed me since I was not an existing patient. From the time we walked in, to the time we walked out, it was a great experience. My son has been saying all afternoon how much fun he had at the dentist today!! Crazy, right? Unfortunately he needed more then just a usual filling, but Dr. Jim explained everything that he would need to do in a way that myself and my son would understand. When the procedure was over, I asked my son if he was scared or if anything hurt. He replied that he had fun and that he wants to be dentist! Well done Dr. Jim!! Thank you, Dr. Jim for taking such good care of my son during his visit today. I would recommend your practice to anyone. We will be seeing you soon for a cleaning :)”

Auburn, NH

“I never knew this quality of dental care existed. Dr. Jim Haas was professional, fast, efficient, caring, and sweet. He made my 4-year-old feel comfortable and at ease while having cavities taken care of. I don’t think my son even knew he was getting a Novocaine shot! Dr. Haas also sang delightful songs that I enjoyed hearing while I was sitting next to my son. His assistant, Lisa, was very warm, friendly, and personable; they were a great team. After a traumatic first experience with panic, tears, and even burst blood vessels (from the stress), my son is not dreading his next visit to Dr. Haas to have the rest of his cavities addressed. He told me he likes the “new place” because this new dentist is very gentle and he likes his singing. Thank you for treating your patients with such appreciation and genuine care & concern. I know that my children’s dental needs are in the greatest care around.”

New Boston, NH

“I have had bad experiences with all pediatric dentists in the past. They all seem to just hurry you in and out as fast as possible and give you as many tests as they can to make money, not caring about how it affects the child. Haas is not like that at all. They take their time and access each individual patient, and what they need. It was the first time I felt like I had a voice in my kids dental care, as they actually asked me before doing anything. I would recommend them to everyone! I am so glad we found this dentist!!!!!!!”

Derry, NH

“My daughter has been going to HAAS for 6 months. She is only 4 and had a different dentist for her first 3 years. We LOVE this dentist! She LOVES this dentist! After both of our appointments, she actually asked me for days, how soon she could go back!!! I could not believe it. To think of a toddler WANTING to go back to her dentist! The dentists and all of the staff have been wonderful! Today’s hygienist could not have been any better! Thank you so much to everybody at the HAAS office! For making my little girls experiences of the dentist so positive!”

Londonderry, NH

“This is the best pediatric dentist we’ve ever been to. My daughter is actually excited to have her teeth cleaned.”

Windham, NH
“This was the first time my 2 year old daughter went to the dentist. They were wonderful! Dr. Haas and his staff were very professional in handling younger children. Thank you!!”

Derry, NH

“Dr Jim was the greatest! He has a calming approach, I will be switching my daughter to his office for all her dental care.”

Londonderry, NH

“I love Dr. Haas and everyone there they are all so friendly thanks for everything!!!!”

Derry, NH

“We recently moved to NH and I was nervous having to look for a new dental provider for my child. I think we made the right choice! Everyone there was great! Dr was very welcoming, Dotty was wonderful! Will definately recommend them!”

Derry, NH

“Had a bad experience at my last dentist never made me feel comfortable but after coming here i knew my child was in good hands she wasn’t scared like at the other place they made her feel comfortable.”

Chester, NH

“My friends had always complained about their bad dental experiences, but I never understood what was so bad. When I go to Haas Dental I am greeted by friendly faces that care about what I need. I am treated like a real human being and not just a source of money. A lot of times I find myself looking forward to the next time I can go back.”

Windham, NH

“Such an amazing dentist I am so grateful we found this office for my scared Four year old!!”

Derry, NH

“Haas dental’s staff makes the new dentist process extremely fun and easy for my son. He looks forward to going to the dentist now and told all his friends about it at school :)”

Derry, NH

“Haas Dental has been an amazing new experience so far for my son. He’s always been so anxious about the dentist and they are so friendly and patient here that he now has no worries at all! I highly recommend them, what a wonderful practice!”

Chester, NH

“Amazing place to get your teeth done, friendly staff who takes care of you. You’ll never be dissatisfied!”

Manchester, NH

“I’m so happy we were referred to Haas Dental. We love going there. The staff Is great and so kid friendly. Best practice I have ever been to!”

Hudson, NH

“Haas Dental is a great place! Everyone is so friendly! I’ve been going there for a while and they’ve always done a great job! Thanks Dr. Haas and staff!”

Derry, NH

“Haas Dental is great with my 4 year old. She smiled the whole time!!”

Manchester, NH

“My son loves coming here. He doesn’t get nervous about going to the dentist at all. He gets all excited about the TVs on the ceiling, games in the waiting room, prizes and picking out his choice of flavored paste.”

Windham, NH

“Your staff and especially Dr. Haas are so amazing when it comes to handling children and their fears. My son was a little nervous going in this time but everyone was wonderful explaining exactly what was going to happen. He calmed right down and the visit was so easy. Thank you!!”

Salem, NH

“Had our first visit today at Haas Dental Associates. Staff was very friendly and informative. Kids are looking forward to going back to Haas Dental!”

Londonderry, NH

“We love Haas Dental. The staff is always welcoming and makes our visits enjoyable. My son enjoys going to the dentist which is so helpful to every parent!”

Sandown, NH

“Dr Haas is so nice and patient with my 2 kids they both love to go see him and get their check-ups.”

Hudson, NH

“Haas Dental Associates are AMAZING! They are the friendliest staff I have ever met anywhere! I bring my whole family here. My son loves coming to get his check-ups and loves taking care of his teeth! I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a dentist!”

Derry, NH

“We’ve never been happier with a dental office – Dr. Haas and his team are EXCEPTIONAL!!”

Hudson, NH

“We have been with Dr. Jim and his wonderful staff for years. Not all dentist are created equal, if you are looking for a great place to take your child, this is the place.”

Derry, NH

“Brayden is an anxious child and always nervous going to the dentist, but his dental hygienist, Dotty, at Haas Dental is fabulous! She is wonderful with young children and makes Brayden feel comfortable and cared for. He really likes Dotty and always gives her a hug at the end of his visit.”

Derry, NH

“I love the quality of care given at Haas Dental, they really make me feel right at home!”

Windham, NH

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