Haas Dental Associates Free Braces Magnet Drawing

Rules and regulations

  1. Place the magnet on your vehicle near your license plate. “Like” us on Facebook  
  2. Our photographers will be out taking pictures of vehicles with our magnets on them!
  3. When your vehicle is photographed we will post it on our Facebook page
  4. When you see your vehicle, claim it on Facebook.

Pick up your magnet today!

Free Braces Drawing Rules:

  • The Free Braces drawing will be drawn by August 1st of each year.
  • All entries from the previous grand prize drawing will be discarded and your vehicle must be posted and claimed by you in order to participate in the next drawing.
  • The entire orthodontic treatment must be completed by Dr. Amanda Kramer. The value may not be transferred to another orthodontist if the recipient moves to another area.
  • Recipient must be seen for a new patient evaluation within 6 months of the drawing date.
  • Recipient of the treatment must be a candidate for orthodontic treatment and at least seven years of age or older. (This requires good dental health with no active cavities or periodontal disease.)
  • Patient must be under the general care of a dentist and have regular cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatment, and other required dental work that will be at the recipient’s own cost.
  • The recipient may be required to receive care from another oral specialist, ex: a periodontist before being eligible to start treatment, if necessary, at the recipient’s own cost.
  • Treatment from Dr. Amanda Kramer must begin within 12 months of the drawing.
  • The treatment can only be used for new treatment. It cannot be redeemed for completed treatment.
  • Free braces contest has no convertible value for cash or other services.
  • Free braces contest cannot be used toward Invisalign treatment.
  • This contest is open to all members of the community, you don’t have to be a current patient of Haas Dental Associates.
  • Prize winner must be willing to have photos taken and used for Haas Dental Associates marketing.


Q: Can I get more than one magnet?
A: Yes! Anyone can stop by and pick one up. Each vehicle will be counted as one entry.

Q: How do I enter?
A: Easy! Be sure to have a magnet on your vehicle. “Like” us on Facebook.  Look for your vehicle on Facebook and if you see your vehicle write in the comments and claim it! And you are entered to win Free Braces.

Q: Once I spot my vehicle, do I need to keep the magnet on?
A: Yes! Throughout the contest, you’ll have the opportunity to gain extra entries by having your vehicle spotted by our photographers multiple times.

Q: How will I know I won?
A: You will be contacted by phone or Facebook. The winner will also be announced on Facebook.

Q: What if I win and I already have braces? What if I don’t need braces?
A: You can always give the prize to a family member or friend. Refunds will not be issued and the prize carries no cash value.

Q: When does the contest end?
A: Never. Once the winner is drawn, we will continue the contest and there will be more winners. So, always keep your magnet on your vehicle for a chance to win at any time.

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