Restorative Dentistry

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge  is an option to replace a missing tooth by relying on the natural teeth that remain around it. A bridge involves placing crowns on the surrounding teeth which support an additional crown to fill the gap where a tooth is missing.

A bridge is the standard of care when:

  • Teeth adjacent to unwanted space require, or could benefit from crowns
  • An implant is not a treatment option (or not ideal) for specified area

Dental Crowns

Crowns, also known as “caps”, cover the entire surface of a tooth. They are customized to give a natural and esthetically pleasing appearance. Crowns are indicated when a tooth is considered structurally compromised.

A tooth’s structure is considered compromised when:

  • There is a lack of tooth structure remaining, due to a large area of decay or trauma
  • Erosion of the enamel has occurred
  • History of grinding or clenching which has worn away tooth structure over time
  • Crack in the tooth which extends into structure of tooth placing it at a high risk for fracturing
  • A tooth has had endodontic treatment (root canal)

Benefits of Crowns:

  • Feels like a natural tooth
  • Looks like a natural tooth
  • Functions like a natural tooth
  • Provides protection and strength – crowns can withstand forces much greater than a natural tooth
  • Durability

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