Oral Surgery

Whether you need a tooth extracted or a dental implant placed, many patients have fear or anxiety about undergoing oral surgery procedures. At Haas Dental, we have the expertise to perform your procedure safely and maximize your comfort during the process.


While our ultimate goal is to preserve every tooth, in some cases this is not an option. If you need a tooth extracted, our dentists have advanced training in surgical extraction techniques to make sure that your tooth is removed safely and to minimize the risk of complications. In addition to effective, painless anesthesia to make the procedure easy, we have a range of sedation options to ensure that you will be comfortable throughout the process.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth may be impacted or they can push through the gums to become visible in the mouth. Often times this is associated with pain, and wisdom teeth can be more difficult to keep clean and free from cavities or periodontal disease. Our doctors are experienced in wisdom tooth removal. Come in for a free consultation to discuss what type of extraction you will need and review the options for sedation. You can expect a comfortable and worry-free wisdom tooth extraction at Haas Dental.


When a tooth is missing, one option for replacement is a dental implant. A dental implant simulates a normal tooth by being integrated into the bone below the gums. Besides dental implant placement, we also make implant crowns and do pre-implant surgery such as bone grafting or sinus lifting. Our doctors have advanced training and expertise in this modern, state of the art technique and can answer all of your questions about the dental implant process.

Gum Surgery

Many patients develop gum recession from brushing their teeth or clenching their jaw over time. This can cause sensitivity on the exposed tooth, or contribute to periodontal disease. This problem can be addressed by performing a soft tissue gingival graft. A small piece of gum tissue is harvested from elsewhere in the mouth and sutured over the area of recession to cover the exposed tooth. There are additional gum surgery procedures that can be performed for cosmetic reasons or bone grafting procedures to correct a periodontal defect. These procedures have a short recovery time so you won’t have to worry about missing work.

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